We wanted to give a little update, as back in March we began collecting all needed items, like dried & canned foods, pasta’s to name a few at the Old Kings Head which acted as a drop off point.

Below are some photos showing the convoy of aid that left Colchester, in March, destined for Moldova. The idea being, to help the Moldovans, who are in the poorest country in Europe, to be able to help the displaced Ukrainians who need their help.

In all, there was a convoy of 10 vehicles, including 5 artic lorries and it was the biggest convoy to ever go to Moldova.  The charity who coordinated the convoy are called TEECH. They are a very small not for profit charity and are very grateful to our customers, who donated the aid. The charity left the UK again on 19th June, Moldova bound, carrying more aid, to be distributed around 3 warehouses within Moldova.

Once again, thank you very much.