A Greener Pub


“It’s only one straw, said 8 Billion people”


We all have to start somewhere, we’re trying to do our bit, step by step, by making our own impression and playing out part to help our planet.


Reducing the carbon footprint, by saving electricity, like all new LED bulbs throughout the pub, along with cellar cooling equipment that helps cut needless consumption when not needed. All in all from simple timers, that help eradicate needless energy waste.


Thinking about our waste, and all the varying materials and packaging from Cardboard to Food Waste itself, that can all be recycled or better still reduced. We follow the #banthestraw campaign by using paper straws only. We use menu covers, that mean we don’t have to make our menu’s disposable, as we can sanitise them throughout the day.


We use Heineken Smart Dispense, which dispenses all our Draught Lagers. This great system produces a ‘Green Pint’, which reduces our consumption water whilst saving us using as much CO2, whilst still delivering an industry standard recognised perfect pour!

We also stock many Green Product’s i.e. Inch’s Cider – the waste products of their manufacture then goes into Biofuel to power homes.

We also use stock local bitters, like Brentwood Brewery & Maldon’s Mighty Oak, which means we’re reducing emissions by cutting our deliveries mileage.


For now it’s start… but there’s still lots to do!